Posted in April 2019

NaPoWriMo: 4.30.19 (“7”)

1. Slow Like Oil Through closed Hands. 2. Love, Until Sex Takes over. 3. Gaining Like Unrestrained Thirsty Thoughts: Onslaughts that Never Yield. 4. Gratefulness Reduced to Endless Embers of Desire. 5. Wildly Red As Torrid Hearts. 6. People Raft along Imperious Deluges, to Excess. 7. Exhaustive, Nefarious Vices sap Youth.

NaPoWriMo: 4.26.19 (Friday: 3 Repetitive Haiku)

i. Windows blurred; cold Spring rain; heavy drops on bare skin goosebumps, raised black hairs. ii. Goosebumps, raised black hairs on shivering arms rubbed by hands: the sound of warmth. iii. Hands: The sound of warmth Blankets unfolded and pulled over our bodies.

NaPoWriMo: 4.24.19 (“Breedlove”)

First child born on cotton plantation enslaved before orphaned; she said escape was a poorly paid washerwoman mentored by time experimenting to cure years; a moving perfect ointment that healed when most lacked beauty she was known as Madam throughout the States, and settled where she named her daughter Prosperous in the headquarters of women … Continue reading

NaPoWriMo: 4.23.19 (Earthworm)

In slow, segmented waves, it moves at the undulating speed of peril, crossing a black, cracked asphalt wilderness, risking birds’ beaks and curious childhood fingers; hazarding sunlight and dehydration; braving the predictable paths of tires and the random ignorance of foot traffic; it unearths itself from hidden safety for the promise of the lawn’s other … Continue reading