NaPoWriMo: 30 (poem inspired by a strange fact)

Revisionist History

Strange Fact: The Declaration of Independence was first written on hemp paper.

Of all the archaic, false truths
preserved within star spangled,
marbled museums of mythology,
only one is held to be most self-evident:
that the hand which held the pen
that penned perfect ideas from within
a flawed forefather’s soul and onto
a sheet of pure white parchment
just might have been high,
upon his own supply of ideas and words
set ablaze by the ends of quill pens
scribbling onto the psychoactive fibers
of candlelit paper, a crafted first draft,
it maybe have been written during
a hazy, purple stupor on a DARE
but to be fair, it was the late 1700’s
and Everybody was doing it
using hemp, homegrown and rolled
into tight scrolls, puffed and passed
from colony to colony, a steady rotation
of an uncut, strange new strand harvested
and labelled as freedom from tyranny,
it induced dank daydreams of democracy,
was inhaled with eyes closed to hypocrisy
and exhaled like THC smoke signals
across an angry ocean.

Maybe this declarative moth colored
document was nothing more than
the blunt ramblings of a man under
the influence of his chosen medium,
as he wrote, red-eyed and euphoric
his posture and politics, leaning a little too
far to the left—what else could explain his
insatiable appetite for The Help, and
the multitude of errors drawn in
cannabis calligraphy, inclusive innuendoes
touching upon slavery and a necessary end,
if this new infant land was to begin to grow
into the promise of the adult clothes knitted
by this author, stoned and suffering
from short term-memory loss—
forgetting the color of his privilege,
temporarily, before sober minds prevailed,
and steadier hands revised and “all”
became “some”, and “a” people became “one”
but only in the restrictive theory language
used on the final draft, written onto temperate
wood pulp, an inalienable and fading reminder
for whom this country was built.



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