NaPoWriMo 2017: #12 (an enigma)

Education’s enigma

The bastard child
of compassion and love
adopted and raised
by sorrow and anger,
living in the crimson clotted
pens of teachers tattooing
grades upon underwhelming pages;
it grows in the souls of students;
the confused color of “can’t”,
it feeds upon directions given, but ignored.
It is the hobgoblin, haunting parents
who feel helpless to stop homework and test
hamster wheel their children are on;
it is electric sound, moving
at the speed of complaints
filling inboxes of administrators
with dissatisfaction and demands.
It causes of burnout, leads to dropouts
and overlooked by political eyes
who only see schools as cop-outs.
But there it is, in plain sight:
the living, festering roadblock
to true academic progress.


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