Posted in April 2014

NaPoWriMo: 30 (Winter’s farewell)

Most years, it is an afterthought, lukewarm points of ellipses written in rapid short hand at the end of a twelve month sentence. This year, Winter came wearing the clothes of a former lover— the too perfect black pencil skirt, and plunging red blouse perfumed with purposeful bad timing; She bumps into you wearing yesterday’s … Continue reading

NaPoWriMo: 29 (3 Haiku)

(i) The warmth of bed sheets is louder than the buzzing of our alarm clock. (ii) Mid-morning raindrops dry into gray streaks as the sun shines through windows. (iii) The sound and flash of white lightning behind dark clouds changes night to day.

NaPoWriMo: 27 (Ekphrastic poem– Anonymity)

Pressed and melted into snow painted sidewalks their footprints are words that merge into a collection of overlapping frozen vignettes, narrating the comings and goings of names without faces, a blur of humanity hurrying to places unknown, each step, quick but temporary, destined to be erased by the falling of more flakes or the rising … Continue reading

NaPoWriMo: 26 (Three Haiku)

(i) In between windshield wipers, morning rain drops paint an abstract portrait. (ii) Whipped batter. Sudden sizzle and steam; through the smell, the taste of waffles. (iii) High school stage; empty, except for a microphone and a ripped curtain.

NaPoWriMo: 25 (The Block)

Blank pages stare, taunting with eyes the color and temperature of blizzards, freezing pens, blue ink trapped in black holes shaped like a plastic cylinders from which no ideas escape; and I stare into the void watching worlds of words ripped asunder by the angry gravity of orphaned ideas, half-written thoughts, and poems deemed insufficient— … Continue reading

NaPoWriMo: 24 (Room 128)

The only time students notice these bricks, these old concrete chameleons, is when they break the threshold from middle school to high and find their pre-destined seats arranged in rigid forward facing rows. Only then do they see the bricks, stacked together into four walls bathed in the pale pink of new carnations the color … Continue reading