#10 of 30 (Two hours at The Met)

It is not enough:
the pushing through the crowd
the becoming a human salmon swimming
an upstream hustle against an onslaught of
legs, arms, and laughing little bodies who dart to and fro
like oil-slicked minnows
It is not enough,
this block of 120 minutes
this collective falling stack of 7,200 seconds
this set of dominoes all aligned in imperfect rows
which pave the path that it took to be here,
standing and looking
at Egyptian antiquities–
Ka statues seated on frozen thrones
and staring ahead with stone gazes
and secrets tucked beneath the smiling corners
of shut lips.
standing and looking
at Grecian amphoras that hold
imagined trace aromas of muddy wine and are
burned orange with time and tattooed
with still life scenes that still come to life
each time they are seen through museum glass by visitors
standing and looking
up at bronze and marble statues
their carved and molded muscles flexed
in confident poses, with arms pointed skyward;
index fingers bent into hooks that slide
into the gaping mouths of the human salmon
willingly captured, refusing to be thrown
back into the stream,
they have been seduced into wishing for a lifetime–
instead of a mere two hours.


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