#5 of 30 (Potluck Etiquette or Yo’ Momma is not a Greek Dish)

We take vacant paper towel tubes off of
nearby motley covered tables
pluck the ancient eyes of Epimetheus
from the stone tablets of antiquity
craft mythical binoculars with 20/20 hindsight
through which we stare
At. Her.
This bald headed Medusa,
we are living statues, fixed in place and wondering:
Where did we go wrong?
Exactly which classic Looney Toon wrong turn
at Albuquerque did we take?
What part of the verbal-written direction combo
about this extra credit, potluck assignment
said bring a dish, an ingredient list,
and Your momma– but make sure she’s hungry.
Better yet, make sure she’s hungry
AND rude–
to her living beings are hollow shades of Hades
which she reaches around, past, and through
to eat a bit, then fill her plate a bit, then eat a bit more,
and then fill her plate a bit more,
Then eat and Then fill,
Then fill and Then eat.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat
until she’s had her fill, and packed two plates
To go.
and we just stand here, and stare
a set of statues cursed with with eyes of Epimetheus,
knowing that we are to blame,
for lacking the foresight to include proper etiquette
as part of the Potluck instructions.


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