Today’s News (NaPoWriMo Prompt13)

In today’s news, no thoughts and prayers needed to be sent; no hashtags had to be given out like insufficient band-aids for lacerations.   In today’s news no mothers’ cries were heard; no broken storefront glass symphonies fell to ground, through a burning atmosphere of frustration, like trampled stars beneath the anger of protesting feet. … Continue reading

Vaccine (NaPoWriMo ’21)

The world is full, and sick with faces of varying hues shielded by masks, or hidden behind dams of praying hands put together in futile hopes of holding back the tearful fears of a virus named Us; the variant strains are the various pains with which we infect ourselves; coughs of apathy spread cold fevers … Continue reading

3 Haiku for a Spring Storm (NaPoWriMo ’21)

(i) Sudden gusts. Blossoms torn from trees as branches bend backwards, near breaking. (ii) Looking through raindrops on windows. The real world seen: Bloated. Upside down. (iii) Wrapped around thick grey clouds: two thin rainbows.  Two gifts: One for each of us.

3 Haiku for a Tuesday (NaPoWriMo ’21)

(i) Sore arms; heavy legs drag through the morning; waking up a day older.     (ii) First lawn mowing: grass cut into confetti; the smell of green on skin.     (iii) Six-year-old fingers sketch rainbow chalk artwork on twilight cracked sidewalks.